Monday, June 22, 2009

Dragonblight - Day Last...

Xueqin bid Dragonblight farewell yesterday, after some exciting and dramatic, although quite effortless (friend Pound/Sangriah basically did all the quests for her,) in the Ampitheater of Anguish. She received some nice rewards (more than 100 gold pieces plus a nice new gear.)

Also June 21st marked the beginning of a fortnight of the Fire Festival in Azeroth. Xueqin added two more achievements on her small collection of achievements. She is proud of reaching the 1000 quests mark.

She had some more dealings with the Scarlet Onslaught's village near Venomspite and grew quite tired of the whole area and asked for advice from her good friend and guild mate Whitemocha. Now she has ventured into the land of Sholazar Basin -- a TROPICAL zone -- and is quite pleased in hunting and killing wild lives: rhinos, crocs, sabers, and cobras. Compared to half a year ago when she first started the whole endeavor, she has become quite ruthless and relentless in her killings! No more pity for these beasts.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dragonblight - Day 4 and The Battle for The Undercity

On this day of Dragonblight exploration, Xueqin followed a chain of events that led her to the Battle of the Undercity where she joined forces with Thrall, the Warchief and the Lady Sylvanas, the Banshee Queen, and the legion of the Horde to battle the Alliances who overtook Undercity. Her old familiarity with the layout of Undercity definitely came in handy during this epic battle.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dragonbligh - Day 4 and Level 76

In the land of Azeroth, many creatures and plants become gigantic. Like here: Xueqin battling a giant pansy:

It is also the day that the Priestess reached the proficiency of level 76. The goal of Level 80 seems till far away to her, though since every step is full of treacherous enemies.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dragonblight - Day 2 and 3: blighted...

The landscape does not quite excite much appreciation from Xueqin and the mobs are somewhat difficult to deal with. Lucky for her, the priestess's good friend Mage Whitemocha came back to the area and together they got quite a few quests out of the way. In one, at the Obsidian Dragonshire, the two partners have to switch gender and go under disguise. Two snapshots here to show for their experience. Xueqin has almost explored the entire zone and still has not found a good spot to call home... she moves from one Hearth to another, feeling very unstable.

Xueqin's macho side! She is quite proud of her disguise.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dragonblight - Day 1 - Group Quests!

Xueqin's first real day in Dragonblight was met with such adrenaline-rush, it took her by surprised and quite amazed her! One could never predict what the goddess of fortune might bring. She planned a fairly mundane day of work ahead in the mid afternoon in the unfamiliar new territory. The terrain seemed harsh and the areas full of hostile creatures, AND pesky Alliances campers! The quests were lined up from the Horde stronghold Agmar's Hammer, and she was in the Pit of Narjun, collecting materials, when someone broadcast a call for group quest. Xueqin joined the group of highly competent women and went on 5 different quests with the group. Original four members, but three remained to finish the jobs.

Due to completing these quests and a handful of others, Xueqin reached level 75 and had the chance to further her priestly studies at the Valley of Spirits, Orgrimmar. This is yet another major achievement.

(The Palladin and Mage who so graciously quested with Xueqin are Missbehave and Lcycold. Xueqin made friends with these two ladies and hopes their paths would cross again for future collaboration.)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nothing Boring...

... about Borean!

Yes. Xueqin has finally reached the achievement of Nothing Boring about Borean. See snapshot for proof. 150 quests. Let's give her a round of applause. It takes some tireless questing staying in one area for quite some time to accomplish such feat! On top of that, she also upheld the belief of D.E.H.T.A. and had a double achievments in this vast northern land of Borean Tundra.

Today's snapshots are of Xueqin's battle with the Arcane Serpents. Beautiful but deadly creatures. With its inner brilliance reflecting outwardly, the spells from its enemy (in this case, Xueqin the Priestess) look more vibrant and grander than any the troll priestess had ever witnessed before when eliminating an opponent.

Shroud of Deadly Sleep

There is something quite odd going on in the world of Azeroth. Whether you are a troll, a human, any kind of elves; whether you are a warrior or a merchant, trying to conquer the realm or just trying to carve out a measly living -- every Tuesday, as far as anyone's memory could stretch, you sink into the deepest, unwakeable stuper. It takes hours to shake the effect of this unwanted slumber. No one can accomplish any deeds or participate in any raids, battleground games, or fulfill a quest. No matter what faction you belong to, or how much you think you are better than the other denizens of Azeroth -- we all have one thing in common, the great equalizer, the Tuesday Shroud of Deadly Sleep.