Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dragonblight - Day 1 - Group Quests!

Xueqin's first real day in Dragonblight was met with such adrenaline-rush, it took her by surprised and quite amazed her! One could never predict what the goddess of fortune might bring. She planned a fairly mundane day of work ahead in the mid afternoon in the unfamiliar new territory. The terrain seemed harsh and the areas full of hostile creatures, AND pesky Alliances campers! The quests were lined up from the Horde stronghold Agmar's Hammer, and she was in the Pit of Narjun, collecting materials, when someone broadcast a call for group quest. Xueqin joined the group of highly competent women and went on 5 different quests with the group. Original four members, but three remained to finish the jobs.

Due to completing these quests and a handful of others, Xueqin reached level 75 and had the chance to further her priestly studies at the Valley of Spirits, Orgrimmar. This is yet another major achievement.

(The Palladin and Mage who so graciously quested with Xueqin are Missbehave and Lcycold. Xueqin made friends with these two ladies and hopes their paths would cross again for future collaboration.)

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